Thailand For Healthcare (T4H) is your partner for medical treatment abroad. We offer a choice of treatments at first class private hospitals and health care facilities in Thailand, finding the best doctors and hospitals for your needs.

Currently we are focusing on the Pattaya/Sriracha area of Thailand where it is unlikely that our clients would be inconvenienced by the country’s political instability. We have done the bulk of our research to find the best doctors, hospitals and values in this area where there will be a concierge to assist you. This area of beach resorts is about 90 minutes from the country’s main airport and is home to the majority of  foreign residents (expats) who choose to live there because of the  developed infrastructure.

When you choose Thailand For Healthcare you are guaranteed the same price as the hospitals offer – you pay nothing extra for our services, but you are assured of finding the right doctor and health care facility.

We offer a different approach from many overseas health care providers – one that ensures the very best outcome and value for service for the particular procedure that you are seeking.

For your peace of mind you do not have to pay for your treatment in advance. You pay directly to the hospital only after you feel comfortable with the surgeon and hospital and have decided to go ahead with the procedure(s).

Sample prices on many procedures are quickly available through our web site – but please submit the inquiry form for a comprehensive quote.

Although we offer free advice and assistance on booking your flight and hotel, you may make your own travel and accommodation arrangements.

After the surgery we can arrange for you to recover at a beach resort in Pattaya. You are also free to arrange your own accommodation of course. See Accommodations for more information.

Our partner Pete Mills (Peter D. Mills) passed away last year due to complications of his advanced age. Pete ran our sister site at (Thailand 4 Healthcare). We strive to meet the same high standards set by Pete. He will be missed by many.